Spanish Travel Classes speciales in Spanish courses and we love to travel. We work with the best Spanish schools in Colombia, and when you book a Spanish course with us, we don’t charge you for our services. What makes us different, is that you can study near a beach, in a big city or in the coffee region surrounded by nature! Si, vamos! Stay in one place to learn Spanish or choose between different schools. The schools will be in touch with each other, about your learning desires and Spanish level, so you don`t loose academic continuity. In fact, we recommend to have different teachers and to get used to different Spanish accents! Because you study in a Spanish speaking country you will be immersed in the culture and speak Spanish in no time. Of course, with heaps of fun and meeting new people! If you don`t want any hassle and experience the best excursions and activities. We offer trips with Spanish and the best adventures, volunteering and can arrange your accommodation! Or join our unique traveling classroom with all the organization included! Whatever you decide. Visit the highlights of Colombia while you learn Spanish!

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Learn faster, travel and save money. We work with the best language schools in Colombia and we GUARANTEE that our prices of Spanish lessons will be the same or even lower as booking directly with them! Instead of other schools we also know that each student is different. We don`t force you to take 20 hours of Spanish! We don`t think this is fair for the majority of students who progress more quickly with 15 hours! No, we are friendly for everyone and we try to attract backpackers. That`s why we offer relatively low prices and let you customize your own learning need and language adventure! We leave you with enough free time to do all the best activities and you have the freedom to travel around! Just spend several weeks in one location or continue your study to another place!

Spanish courses, Volunteer and Adventure!

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