Spanish Travel Classes specialises in Spanish courses and we love to travel. We believe that learning a language is achieved by a true immersive experience. Imagine yourself a study in Latin America with the best travel experiences and free volunteering. Our language programs are designed for students that want to study Spanish and explore the beauty of Latin America. We have trips in all imaginable categories. Hiking, surfing, kitesurfing, diving, volunteer work, dancing, partying, cultural experiences or just relaxing at the beach. It`s our goal to find the right language course that really suits you. With our knowledge and experience we ensure that you end up with the best possible language trip for you. And that includes a lowest price guarantee. You don`t have to worry about anything. Book with us hassle-free the language course you want and we provide you with the ultimate learning experience. Vamos Spanish Travel Classes! ๐Ÿ’ช

Free advice with your Language Trip in Latin America

Hola! My name is Martijn and I have a passion for Latin America, the language (Spanish) and traveling. On one of my many backpacking trips. I learned Spanish with the approach of a traditional language school. But I got bored pretty quick. Since that moment, I decided to help students with finding their language course in Latin America. Because I believe that learning a language should be fun. And having experienced this for myself, I know that it`s important that you book the language course that suits you the best. It takes also a lot of time to put together your trip. Moreover, it often causes stress. Because which destinations are the best to visit? Which activities should not be missed? Where to stay? And which language school meets your learning desire? Recognizable? Don`t worry! I help you choose your language program that best matches with your needs, with a best price guarantee. Contact us today on Whatsapp and we guide you from A to Z. Vamos Spanish Travel Classes! ๐Ÿ’ช

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