Do you want to learn Spanish in Latin America but don’t feel like staying in the same place all the time? Are you looking for something different than a boring traditional Spanish school? Then we have found a way for you with a real Spanish immersion program! Step out of your comfort zone and learn Spanish while traveling with Spanish Travel Classes. Read our 3 reasons why we love our Traveling Classrooms!

1. Learn Spanish in different locations

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be boring! It is so much more fun to learn Spanish in different locations and have great excursions and adventures each day after your Spanish classes. You will take Spanish lessons along the way and in a group of students, you will travel from place to place. Through this way of traveling, you will study Spanish in a different language school in each place where you will stay for a week. And after your lessons, you will go on the most popular activities and experience a lot in a short time. Moreover, you don’t have to organise everything by yourself. You can just relax and focus on your Spanish course. Your level and progress are always passed on to the next language school and sometimes a teacher travels with you. What is also very cool. Is that you will do things that you might not have done before. During the Traveling Classroom, there are several challenging activities in the Spanish immersion program. But sometimes you will also do things that you didn’t think you would have liked before! Who knows, you might even find out that you are a born Salsa dancer! 😊 By the way, you have also plenty of free time during the Traveling Classrooms, because they are usually at a fixed location for a week. This will leave you with enough time to play a game with your new study friends or just to relax and hang out at the beach, go on a hike or whatsoever.

2. Learn the culture and experience what it is like to travel

A Traveling Classroom is a suitable trip for everyone and has a lot to offer. You can decide for yourself if a group trip suits you, but especially for first-time travelers and beginner Spanish students, you step out of your comfort zone for the first time on a gap year or backpacking trip to Latin America. This journey is very exciting and it is the beginning of your Spanish adventure in Latin America. If you do not speak any Spanish. Then, of course, it is always a bit more exciting and it could be challenging. A Traveling Classroom is therefore an ideal start for your backpacking trip. You get to know Latin American culture and you will travel safely with a group of other students. You will also find out how the traveling is done. So, the next time you might be able to arrange things easier yourself. You will notice that you become better at planning your trip afterwards. Through this Spanish immersion experience, you will also learn that sharing taxis, buses, hostel rooms etc. can save you a lot of money. It often costs more to do the same activities on your own. And some experiences are more accessible when you are in a group. Think of a jungle tour and a rafting trip for example.

3. Meet a lot of new people

In a Traveling Classroom, you travel together in a group, and you get to know a lot of new people. The other students are like-minded and want to learn Spanish in Latin America just like you and have a good time. Who knows, you make friends for life! The group contributes in a positive way to your experience of the trip. You can exchange your travel experiences and push each other to their limits. And of course, you can encourage your new friends with the Spanish course. All these things are what make a Traveling Classroom so fascinating. And not only you will learn the people in your group very well. But you also get to know other students every week who are at the language school at that time. There is always someone to have a fascinating and in-depth conversation with, either on the road or at the table. Moreover, a Traveling Classroom puts you in many situations where you can interact with the locals. As your Spanish level improves, you will find out that a conversation becomes much easier. Latin people are also very curious, and they always like to have a chat with you. These moments are perfect opportunities to practice your Spanish in real-life situations!


Besides these three reasons, there are of course more. You know for example the necessary budget for your trip, and it saves you a lot of research. Are you after reading this blog enthusiastic about following a Traveling Classroom? Then have a look at our Traveling Classroom in Panama and Costa Rica. On this Spanish adventure, you will see a lot of different landscapes with volcanoes and beaches. The absolute highlight is an excursion to the amazing San Blas Islands. Check also out our Guatemala Traveling Classroom with volcanoes and temples along its way. Or discover the Traveling Classroom in Ecuador. Here you have the chance to explore the Amazon Jungle and many other beautiful destinations. Our exciting Spanish immersion programs in Latin America are a unique experience. You will enjoy your Spanish lessons, the wonderful activities and all that with a group of new friends. Do you have any questions after reading this blog about the Traveling Classrooms? You can always contact us for free advice from your language and travel expert! We would love to help you with your Spanish study in Latin America and help you achieve your learning goal!

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