Why learning Spanish in Colombia

“Colombia!” Many people immediately think about Pablo Escobar and the violent narco history. But after the final signing of the peace agreement with the F.A.R.C in 2002. Colombia has undergone an incredible metamorphosis. Just ask any random traveler (for example myself 😉) who has been to Latin America for their favourite country. And don’t be surprised if that person mentions Colombia as the best travel destination! Yes, Colombia has become safe for tourists and with its diversity, it has something to offer for EVERYONE. Whether you are looking for culture, adventure, beaches, or whatever. There are so many places to discover. I truly believe that Colombia is a great destination in South America to learn Spanish. Here are 7 reasons why! 

1.The combination of South America’s most diverse ecosystems 

Do you know that Colombia is the most biodiverse country in the world after Brazil? With its unprecedentedly beautiful flora and fauna, you will be blown away. I have lived in Medellin and even there I had often this “crazy nature feeling!” Each time, when I was laying in my hammock outside on my balcony in Medellin. I was excited to see the most beautiful birds flying over and to see the views from the surrounding lush green mountains. And for the first time in my life, I liked shopping at a “Mercado” (market). It`s a great experience with all the tropical fruits. And what about traveling? Well, where in the world can you find amazing sandy beaches, deserts, bustling cities, fantastic mountain areas, and the Amazon in one country!? 

2. It`s very logical to start your language course in Colombia 

Colombia is THE perfect starting destination to learn Spanish because of its topographic location. It makes perfect sense to learn Spanish first, and from there travel further down through South America (or make your way up north to Central America!) If you start to learn Spanish in Colombia, you will have a head start because you know how to travel around, and you speak already a little bit of the language. Only in that way you can connect with and make local friends and understand what is going on in all the countries! 

3. Colombians speak with a very nice accent to learn Spanish  

It`s very easy to learn Spanish in Colombia because Colombians speak with a calm and neutral Spanish accent. Of course, different parts have their accents. But compared to other Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Colombian Spanish is very easy to follow. You will be surprised how quickly you progress with your Spanish! 

4. The most welcoming people 

I have visited 5 continents and almost 70 countries, and Colombians are among the warmest people I encountered! If you talk with other travelers who have been elsewhere and backpacking in Latin America, then they all agree on it! Honestly, not a day goes by without someone greeting you with a smile and a friendly “Hola!” I can tell you so many impressive stories. It all started on my first day in Colombia after a border crossing I made, coming overland from Ecuador. At the bus station was no chance of jumping on a bus with all the insanity. Just a few buses were leaving, resulting in people passing the night at the station. But then a lady with her children took care of me and she managed to get me onboard one of the few buses. The crazy part, hundreds of Colombians let me enter the bus because I was the only “extranjero” (foreigner) and even for the lady with her children there was no space on the bus. She stayed behind and had to pass the night there. But she was happy because I was on the bus and safe. What a welcome for me in Colombia!  

Another good example is a day in Bogota when I was standing with a map outside on the street. I didn`t know how to get to my next stop. A local guy approached me *and my alarm bells went off* but he had only good intentions and wanted to show me the directions. We took together a bus and after 20 minutes I reached my final destination. When both of us stepped out. He crossed immediately the street and waited again at the bus stop opposite the street. I asked him where he was heading to, and then he replied, that he had to go back to where he picked me up. I was so confused! But he wanted to make sure that I arrived safely at my spot! Where in the world do you experience such a kind of hospitality? Oh, and I even forgot about mentioning the fun part! Colombians are known for being huge party people! So let those hips loose on all the fun Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, and Merengue beats! While enjoying an “aguardiente”, a typical Colombian drink! 

5. The culture 

Colombia has a rich culture and history. Because it´s such a megadiverse country, Colombian culture is a blend of many roots and there are many things to discover! One popular place to follow classes is to learn Spanish in Medellín. People immediately think of Pablo Escobar because of the violent series on Netflix. But there is so much more to do and so much culture to experience. Another great cultural location for Spanish lessons is in Cartagena. This is a must-see location. The old town is like an open-air museum, so incredibly beautiful. In addition, you can escape to the beaches and feel the Caribbean atmosphere.

6. Colombia is relatively cheap 

Colombia is one of the cheaper countries in South America. To give you some examples. “A menu del dia” (menu of the day) which often includes a soup, main meal, and a drink costs about  $ 10.000 Colombian peso at a nice restaurant. This is approx $2,70 USD or € 2,50! And for a cold cerveza you can sometimes get a good deal for around 40 USD cents or 30 euro cents! With the nice weather and the cheap daily cost of living. It makes Colombia a perfect destination to learn Spanish.  

7. You fall in love with Colombia 

Overall, Colombia is a great travel destination. You can`t get enough of it! It`s almost impossible not to fall in love with this amazing country. From learning Salsa (or watching it), playing Tejo (a game with gunpowder and beer), the lively parties with the locals, the beautiful women (interesting for most men among us 😉), the incredible nature, beaches, and mountains, to all the fun and adventurous activities… 

You probably never want to leave! 

What about finding a good language school in Colombia?  

“Bueno”, in Colombia there are many different options, to find a language school. However, finding the right language school in Colombia can be difficult. But luckily there is a fun and suitable course for every type of student! 

Do you think after reading this blog about to learn Spanish in Colombia? We can help you find a nice language school that fits your learning goal (and travel desire)! Contact us directly and you can expect a response today! Then, based on your wishes and ideas, we can look together for Spanish lessons at a professional language school! Or plan your language adventure here today!

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