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My name is Martijn, the owner of Spanish Travel Classes. After following a Spanish course on one of my own backpacking trips through Latin America, I realised that it`s important that you find the school that suits you the best. That`s not always easy. There are many schools to choose from and you have to arrange a lot of things. And in the majority of the Spanish schools in Latin America, you spend only time in a boring classroom. In addition, you often don`t know the quality of the teachers at the schools, how the vibe is, where you can find nice accommodation and what the best-hidden gems are at your destination.

With my personal experience in mind, I, therefore, started this website. It`s my goal to help students find the best place to learn Spanish in Latin America, with all the preparations as cheap as possible. I have a focus on Spanish lessons with adventurous travel and volunteer work. And in any case, every student doesn`t need to pay any extra booking costs.

100% Free? 

Booking a language trip through Spanish Travel Classes is completely transparent, we don´t charge reservation costs and will give you always honest and personal advice. With the language schools we have a best-price-guarantee. It means that you will always get the best deal through us or even lower.

Another advantage is that we know all the Spanish schools and the destinations. We work only with reliable, safe, and trustworthy schools. They share our principles. This means a personal touch, which is important for us. As an example. If you are sick, we arrange that someone will go to the doctor with you. Or when your passport gets stolen, we will go with you to the police station. Whatever happens. If you have a problem, we will not let you down. 

The benefits of Spanish Travel Classes

We would like to tell you why it`s the best to book directly with Spanish Travel Classes. The benefits (there are even more) are:

• Free and honest advice from your language trip expert:

With Spanish Travel Classes you book the language course in Latin America that really suits you. 

• No booking costs:

You don’t pay anything extra for your language trip.

• The best Spanish schools in Latin America and adventures.

We know the destinations and our language schools, and can tell you perfect all the differences.

• 24/7 available for you and your parents:

By phone and WhatsApp we are always available with whatever you need.

Vamos Spanish Travel Classes!