Student Cecily from Norway shares her experience of learning Spanish in Ecuador, and her time at the Spanish school there.

Spanish Travel Classes gives a look inside a Spanish language adventure. Our study profile series puts the attention on students – asking them about their motivations for learning Spanish in Latin America, how they have experienced living in a Spanish speaking country, what they recommend for fellow students, where they loved to travel in Latin America, and more

Hi Cecily, Why did you decide to learn Spanish in Ecuador?

Earlier this year, I traveled to Montañita. I decided to do this after finishing my studies and as part of a backpacking through South and Central America. I wanted to improve my Spanish and learn to surf at the same time. I had no experience in surfing, so I was looking for the perfect place to learn. After a lot of research, I decided to go to Montañita, where the combination of Spanish classes, surfing, and partying seemed like a perfect match. I had also heard many great stories about Ecuador being a small and easily accessible country. I love nature, hiking, and many of my friends found Ecuador to be a fantastic country for those activities.

Can you tell us about your arrival?

I had arranged everything in advance with Martijn from Spanish Travel Classes for the Spanish school in Montañita. He helped me with all my questions, even though I hadn’t booked anything at that point. Upon arrival at Guayaquil airport, everything was well-organized. I was picked up by a representative from the Spanish school in Montañita and after approx a 3-hour drive, I arrived at the ‘Cabañas of the Spanish school’. This is the accommodation where I stayed during the length of my Spanish course in Montañita. Right from the beginning, I had a good feeling about this place. All the students were together and hanging out by the pool. I immediately got to know other students, and that same evening, I went out for dinner and had a night out with all the new people that I met on the same day.

How did your Spanish and Surf go? Did you improve a lot?

Two days after my arrival, I started my Spanish lessons at the school in Montañita, which was within walking distance of the Cabañas. I had an amazing time here. Every day, I had 2 hours of Spanish lessons in the morning, 2 hours of surfing, and another 2 hours of Spanish lessons in the afternoon. I learned a lot of Spanish during the 3 weeks that I stayed. I also made significant progress in surfing. I noticed that I was getting better every day due to constant practice. However, I realise that I don’t have much natural talent for surfing haha. Luckily, I improved my Spanish skills a lot more!

The Spanish school in Montañita also organized various activities like dance classes, volleyball, cooking lessons, and welcome dinners. The staff were very nice and the teachers were just incredible. I made also a lot of friends and we often went to the beach in the evening for some drinks and we all went out fo partying together. I had not thought how easy it would be to meet new people.

What was the highlight of your trip?

I think the whole surfing experience was the best part. We often went to nearby beaches to practice even more. During weekends, we visited also other beautiful places around Montañita. The trip to Banos, which we took due to a national holiday giving us more time, was probably the highlight. Visiting all the waterfalls with my fellow students was incredibly cool. Ecuador stole my hearth and I could not have wished for a better start of my backpacking trip.

Why would you recommend learning Spanish with Spanish Travel Classes?

Martijn took care of everything perfectly, and I even stayed in contact with him during my stay in Montañita. Also before booking, I received a lot of recommendations and quick assistance. After my Spanish course in Montañita I have traveld through Sout america and to Central America. My Spanish skills have been incredibly useful. It makes traveling much easier. I highly recommend Montañita as well because the Spanish school in Montañita is excellent, and the quality of the lessons is excellent. With the combination of learning Spanish and surfing in Montañita, you won’t regret your choice.


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