Galapagos Island hopping – free additional nights

Details of benefit: Some places are just too good to be true! The Galapagos Islands are extremely special because of the variety of wildlife. It offers amazing travel memories for example snorkeling with marine iguanas, sea lions, seals, penguins and many species of fish and sharks. Unfortunately, the Galapagos is not the cheapest travel destination and known for its luxurious tours. To help our students, we have selected 4 budget Galapagos Island Hopping programs to discover the islands that cover the best parts. 4 Days Island hopping trips start from $535 PER PERSON. With all the best activities on the islands, like snorkeling with sea lions and in lava tunnels. With our special student discount, you get 2 additional nights for free on top of your reservation. This will relax your trip, and give you an overall better experience, to do free or cheap activities and enjoy the Galapagos! Don`t hesitate and ask us about all the tour options that you can select from!
About: Planning a trip to Galapagos is expensive, but through one of the 4 budget-friendly options from our reliable partner Ecuador Eco Adventure you will visit the highlights of the Galapagos. Ecuador Eco Adventure work with local guides and services to provide the best deals in the islands. They will take care of everything you need and make sure that your Galapagos Island hopping will be a once in a lifetime experience.