Do you want to learn Spanish in South America? Or would you prefer a language trip to Central America? Then you probably have in mind learning Spanish in a beautiful place with beautiful beaches, tropical forests and cultural highlights! You imagine yourself among Spanish-speaking people all day, which makes learning the language even easier and faster. But what do you have to think about when choosing a language immersion program? What considerations should you make? There are several things to consider, such as costs and accommodation. Below, we give you an overview of the information you need to know about learning Spanish in Latin America. This article will help you to find the Spanish language course that suits you best.

In which country would you like to learn Spanish?

Do you prefer to learn Spanish in the city? Many major cities in Latin American countries offer Spanish language courses. Examples of great cities are Quito, Cartagena and Cusco. Every country and every city has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, look for the city that appeals to you the most! But maybe you prefer to learn Spanish in a quiet environment with a natural setting. There are many beautiful places to learn Spanish on the beach or in nature. Think also about your travel itinerary. What is the climate during that time of the year and where do you want to go next? You can always ask us about the countries and cities/towns, so that you can discover what there is to do in each country and which destination suits you best. In many cases, you can also do a combination of different locations. Choose not one, but several destinations and backpack between them through Central and/or South America. There are even so-called Traveling Classrooms where you travel in a group and learn the Spanish language at the same time. Adventure at its best!

Length of Spanish language course

The best way to learn Spanish in Latin America is to do a language course. These courses come in many different sizes and can be followed in different countries. We are often asked how long a student needs to master his Spanish skills. But that depends very much on the learning objective and the person. The average student learns quite a few basic skills in two to three weeks. That is enough to continue travelling. However, do not expect to be able to have intensive conversations. But you will certainly have a certain knowledge to communicate. It will help you with your backpacking, like asking for directions, paying for a bus ticket etc. But in general, if someone does not have a little knowledge of Spanish. Then after 4-6 weeks, you will be able to have fairly small conversations! Don’t expect intensive conversations either or to be completely faultless after that! Because if you really want to learn to speak Spanish well, it is recommended to do a longer course. Of course, it is also possible to do a course for one or two weeks in one country, travel on and then do another course in another country. This way, you can immediately put the learned skills into practice!

Spanish Group or Private Lessons

If you take a Spanish course in Latin America, you can choose to take either group or private lessons. One advantage of group lessons is that you immediately meet new people with whom you can learn together. You will always be assigned to someone with the same level of Spanish. Many students also find it less tiring as the focus is not on you the whole time. You can learn a lot from each other. You’ll also make travel friends with whom you can do fun things after class or explore the rest of the country! If you prefer to focus on your difficulties. Then it is better to go for private lessons. Private lessons give you more attention and the teacher can guide you personally. It is also good to take private lessons if you want to focus on a particular theme. This could be something you are struggling with, or if you have a specific learning goal such as Spanish with medicine, want to learn Spanish to travel etc. There are also many students that take a combination of group and private lessons. In that case, you first attend a Spanish language course with group lessons and then you have one hour of private lessons every day. This is highly recommended if you want to boost your Spanish.

Type of Spanish course

Have you always thought that learning Spanish would be boring? Then now is the time to update your travel plans! Learning Spanish does not necessarily have to take place in a boring traditional language school. There are many opportunities to experience a real Spanish immersion. You can choose to take regular Spanish classes. But you can also combine your Spanish lessons with really fun adventures, such as surfing and other exciting things. Or you can join a Travelling Classroom. With these group tours, you will study Spanish during your Spanish adventure in Latin America. It is very cool to learn the language in multiple locations. There are also plenty of opportunities for the volunteers among us. It is a great idea to combine your Spanish with volunteering. This way, you can immediately put everything in practice that you have learned in the class. You will get a very good impression of the local culture and you will also do a good job!

Different kinds of Spanish accents

Sometimes students ask us, in which country they speak the best Spanish. It’s true that there are differences. The Spanish you will learn in Central or South America is also slightly different to the Spanish you would learn in Spain. There is a very small difference in grammar. But there are also differences between the Latin American countries. The difference is mainly in the pronunciation, not so much in the spelling. But then again, this doesn’t differ very much. Each Latin American country has its own accent, of course, which is not always easy to understand for beginners. So which country do we recommend? Well, we don`t have any negative experience with an accent from a specific country. In reality, our students often experience hearing more accents as a positive aspect. It contributes enormously to their personal growth and development in their Spanish level. The teachers at the language schools in Latin America will of course also take into account that you are a beginner. And the people on the street also adapt themselves very well and they will talk differently to you than if they were with just their friends.

Cost of a Spanish course

A Spanish language course in Central or South America is very affordable. However, the costs of a language course can vary per country. Peru, for example, is known as a cheaper option, while Panama is slightly more expensive. In addition, you will have to pay for your accommodation and living expenses. And of course, you also want to enjoy all the beautiful things the country has to offer during your Spanish language course. So make sure that you have enough budget to go on fun trips and sightseeing after class and at the weekends!

Where to stay while learning Spanish

If you book through Spanish Travel Classes, accommodation is always included. You do not have to arrange anything. There are several options, of which hostel accommodation is the cheapest. But there are also many other good options like staying with a host family or in a student apartment. In a school hostel, the cheapest option is of course a dormitory room, but there are also possibilities to upgrade to a private room. Because many schools have their hostel. This makes it even easier to make friends. You can easily spend more time together after Spanish lessons. Students who want a unique experience, on the other hand, often go for a Spanish with homestay experience. Staying with a host family is the quickest way to learn about the culture and language, as you will be living with people who speak Spanish. Meals are often included and are always very tasty, allowing you to discover the local cuisine.

Learning Spanish through Spanish Travel Classes

Some students choose to arrange everything themselves when they go to Latin America for their Spanish immersion program. They do this mainly because they want to keep the freedom and they think that an organisation will be more expensive. But this is not the case with Spanish Travel Classes. We give always personal advice and have many contacts at schools and travel agencies in Latin America. Because we know all the differences between the language schools very well, we can help you with exactly what you want to know. Do you want a small friendly language school or a bigger one? Do you want to be near the beach or in a city? Do you want to know what there is to do and what kind of accommodation there is available? We always give you honest advice so that you can make the best choice for you. It is very important for us that you find a Spanish school that suits you the best. We are also happy to help you plan your Spanish adventure. Do you want to combine your language course with backpacking? Or study in more than one place. Feel free to ask us about the options!

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