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A language trip abroad is a life-changing experience. This experience you will carry with you for your entire life. You will also benefit greatly from the rest of your trip if you speak a little Spanish. This makes your traveling so much easier! Have you always dreamed of a beautiful trip to South America or Central America? Do you also have the travel bug and want to travel Latin America and learn Spanish? Have you ever thought about a language trip in Latin America? A trip of a lifetime could be the perfect opportunity for you because now you have the time to enjoy yourself, work on yourself and you have time to help others. So pack your bags, learn Spanish and travel, and start your journey in Latin America with a Spanish adventure with one of our most popular Spanish language courses in Latin America.

Spanish Travel Classes has selected a wide range of Spanish immersion programs that let you truly experience Latin America. We know where it is the best to learn Spanish in Latin America. Learning a language with us is never boring and we demonstrate that learning Spanish can be a lot of fun with our Spanish programs! Our most popular Spanish programs in Latin America consist of a mix of Spanish classes and adventure. These trips include Spanish lessons, accommodation and fun activities or volunteer work. Whether you are interested in South America or Central America, we have the best courses in Spanish Latin America.

The great thing about our most popular Spanish immersion programs is that you really get to know the culture and people of the host country. On our language trips, you don`t need to think about anything else than Spanish and fun. All you have to do is attend your Spanish classes and be ready on time for the next excursion included in your package. Also, you are always surrounded by other students with the same passion and interest. As a result, you will immediately have new travel companions. When you book one of the Spanish language courses at Spanish Travel Classes, we make sure you have an extraordinary time abroad full of life-changing experiences that broaden your horizons and make you grow as a person.

What are the most popular Spanish programs in Latin America?

To begin choosing your language course in South America or Central America, you need to choose the country you want to visit. Spanish Travel Classes offers several language programs in different countries in Central and South America, and we can help you find the perfect Spanish program to suit you. With our trips in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala, we are proud of our fine selection of quality programs.

If you are interested in Peru, the country of Machu Picchu, our 4.5-week trip full of Spanish adventures and culture is your best choice. It is one of our students’ favourite Spanish programs and you can start every Sunday of the year. During this Spanish immersion program, you will have 4 weeks of Spanish classes at our language school in Cusco. You will learn the basics of the Spanish language and have plenty of time to enjoy yourself in this amazing city. Highlights include rafting Lake Titicaca, Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley of the Incas and a hike to Machu Picchu. You can choose to stay with a host family during your Spanish lessons or live in a student apartment in the centre of Cusco.

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Amazon, you can join our Traveling Classroom in Ecuador. As our student, you will learn Spanish and travel. How cool is that! You will travel to a different destination each time where you will have Spanish classes and enjoy the most fun activities. It’s a round trip from Quito to Cuenca or the Amazon and then you travel via Manta to Montañita. You will have Spanish at different language schools in Ecuador with other students. With these students, you will have the best time together as you do adventure tours and Spanish lessons. Another very popular program and one of the best courses in Spanish Latin America is designed for our surf lovers. Montañita is the best place to learn to surf in South America. And therefore, it is very popular for students to combine surfing with Spanish lessons in Ecuador.

Are you fascinated by the Caribbean and salsa music? Then, of course, Colombia is the ideal travel destination. The most popular Spanish immersion program in Colombia is a Spanish course with volunteer work. Many students do not know that free volunteer work exists in Latin America. But with us, you only pay the costs associated with the Spanish course and accommodation. Volunteer work is free. In this way, we try to give more people the opportunity to fulfil their volunteer ambitions abroad. Our language school in Colombia has a very personal touch. They create a very nice atmosphere to learn Spanish in Colombia.

If Costa Rica or Panama is on your wish list. Then we also have a very cool language program for you to participate in. Again, we have a Traveling Classroom where you will travel with a group of other students and learn Spanish. In this Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica and Panama, we want to show you both countries and cultures. Included in the program are Spanish lessons, activities, transportation and accommodation. But the absolute highlight of this language trip is a visit to the San Blas Islands. A true paradise on earth! We rank this language program as one of the best to learn Spanish Latin America.

Costa Rica is also one of the countries with the most national parks, and therefore we also have a very cool project combining Spanish classes and the protection of its unique biodiversity. In this exciting language program in Costa Rica where you will be involved in saving sea turtles in Costa Rica. Participating in this language program is your chance to learn Spanish on a beautiful beach while doing fun activities and supporting a great cause. We can recommend this course to young travelers, that are looking for language travel Latin America.

Last but not least, we have a very special program for students with a passion for culture, volcanoes and temples. You can learn Spanish in Guatemala on another Traveling classroom. During your stay in Guatemala, you will experience a completely new version of learning Spanish in different locations and with many cultural activities. This is an extremely exciting learn Spanish and Travel program. You will explore different destinations and do a lot of fun activities. It is a unique and personal experience that is sure to be unforgettable!

As you can see, there is a wide variety of language programs in Latin America. This continent is our favourite with breathtaking nature, unique wildlife, loving people, ancient cultures, great food and lots of cool activities! In addition to the above-mentioned most popular types of language travel in Latin America, there are of course many other Spanish courses. You could always have a look at our other learn Spanish and volunteer programs. Or you could take regular Spanish classes at one of our Spanish language schools in Latin America.

If you need more help and advice with the planning of your trip. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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