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Learn Spanish and volunteer in Quito

Volunteering in Latin America is what everyone should have tried once in their life. Quito is a great destination for it and there are many different volunteer opportunities. But you can also volunteer at other destinations in Ecuador with for example our volunteer project at the beach of Montañita. But without a doubt, in Quito, you will immerse yourself in the language and culture as you get involved in great volunteer projects in Ecuador.

We have 3 options for your volunteering in Quito

Children care center

Our first volunteer project in Quito is a children's care center. You can help to provide children and teens with vital skills for success in their adult lives. Daily tasks consist of assisting with English classes, homework, and some computer workshops and recreational activities. Project work takes place 3 afternoons per week and is only 15 minutes from the city center.

Volunteer at an elementary/primary School

Another volunteer opportunity to choose from is a children`s school. Volunteers are helping with classes and after-school activities with children from poor areas in the South of Quito. The school offers courses as officially directed by the Ministry of Education but benefits greatly from volunteer assistance.

Camp Hope Foundation

The final volunteer project is the Camp Hope Foundation. In this project, you will assist permanent staff at an organization that is dedicated to helping local youth. Approximately 50% of them have physical and/or mental handicaps. As a volunteer in this project, you support daily activities including vocational training and workshops, recreation, medical and dental services, and Christian education and counseling.


The first 2 projects require a minimum commitment of 4 weeks because you have to work with children. Children get attached to you so they don`t allow short-time volunteers. You don`t need to speak Spanish for these projects but it will be more enjoyable if you do a little bit.

The third project (Camp Hope Foudnation) requires a minimum of 2 weeks duration. It`s also important that you have a basic level of Spanish. We, therefore, recommend you take a minimum of 4 weeks of Spanish lessons before you start with your volunteer project. This only counts if you are new to the world of Spanish.

For volunteering in Quito, the Spanish school asks for a small $30 fee to cover the costs. They will arrange everything and help you during your volunteering with all your questions. You also have to pay a $17,50 per week donation to the project itself. You pay this money directly to the foundation so you will know that your money will be used for their important projects.

To participate in our Quito volunteer program, there is a minimum of 2 weeks of volunteering and 2 weeks of Spanish lessons mandatory. You can book a Spanish course and can also choose how many weeks of Spanish lessons you want to take.

If you are interested in one of these volunteer programs let us know and we will send you more information!

Quito | Learn Spanish | Volunteer

Please note this is a sample itinerary

  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Spanish lessons Volunteering Free time
Tuesday Spanish lessons Volunteering Free time
Wednesday Spanish lessons Volunteering Free time
Thursday Spanish lessons Volunteering Free time
Friday Spanish lessons Volunteering Free time
Saturday Free time
Sunday Free time
  • Afternoons with volunteer work
  • 24/7 emergency service and volunteer coordinator
  • Spanish course in Quito (to participate in our volunteer program there is a minimum of 2 weeks of volunteering and 2 weeks Spanish lessons mandatory)
  1. Richie:

    I studied for three weeks and volunteered at the school. I highly recommend it! The teachers and people were tremendous and I stayed with a wonderful family they were great

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