When you arrive for your Spanish course in Latin America you realize that you have a long way to go. Spanish Travel Classes offer you Spanish phrases you need to know. Our Spanish phrases for travelers are a list of the most useful and common Spanish phrases for travelers. This list contains key Spanish phrases that are practical and useful when you are traveling in Latin America. This list is not exhaustive and it does not contain every single Spanish phrase that you might need when traveling to Latin America.

Vamos! – Let`s go!

Basic spanish words

1) ¡Hola! – Hello!
2) Buenos días/buenas tardes/buenas noches – Good morning/good evening/good night
3) Cómo estás / How are you?
4) Me llamo… – My name is… / Mi nombre es. – My name is.
5) Mucho gusto! – Nice to meet you
6) Goodbye / Adiós
7) ¿Habla español? – Do you speak Spanish?
8) ¿Cómo se dice…? – How do you say…?
9) ¿Cómo se escribe…? – How do you spell…?
10) Qué significa eso? – What does that mean?
11) Gracias por su ayuda! – Thank you for your help!
12) Disculpe / Disculpa – Excuse me
13) ¿Lo puedes repetir? – Can you repeat that?
14) ¿Dónde está…? – Where is…?

spanish phrases for travelers (1)

15) ¿Hay… ?- Is there… ?
16) ¿Cuánto cuesta…? / ¿Cuánto vale? – How much does it cost…? / How much is it?
17) Tengo una reservación – I have a reservation
18) Me gustaría hacer una reservación – I’d like to make a reservation
19) ¿Tiene(s) cuartos disponibles?- Do you have any rooms available?
20) Quisiera.. – I would like..
21) La cuenta, por favor- The check, please.
22) ¡Salud! – Cheers
23) ¡Ayuda! – Help!
24) ¿Hay baño? – Is there a restroom here?
25) Necesito… (agua / un doctor / dormir) – I need… (water / a doctor / to sleep)
26) Me gusta – I like / No me gusta I don`t like
27) ¿Me puede(s) sacar una foto?- Can you take a picture?
28) Un momento, por favor. – One moment, please.

key spanish phrases


So that’s it! Now you have learned basic Spanish words for travel. These are the most commonly used phrases in Spanish and will help you navigate better or avoid potential problems when traveling in Latin America.

Bonustip # A phrase book or translator (e.g. Spanishdict) is always a good idea to have on hand as well.

But of course, the best way to learn Spanish is with a language course in Latin America and be fully immersed in the country’s culture. With Spanish Travel Classes you can reserve your lessons for free with our schools in Latin America. Study Spanish with our language courses and enjoy your Spanish immersion!

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