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Sun, sea and beach! Who wouldn’t want that after their Spanish language lessons!? Imagine doing nothing at all, and just relaxing on a tropical beach with a cocktail in your hand after a morning full of Spanish lessons. Or imagine studying with a book while sunbathing and participating in fun water sports like surfing or diving next to their Spanish lessons. You have come to the right place in this blog! We have searched for you the best beach destinations in Latin America to study Spanish. Choosing the best destination for yourself, to learn Spanish can be challenging because there are many choices. Each country, region and city or place has its own typical characteristics. We have therefore outlined our tips so you can choose which beach destination is best for you as a new place for your Spanish language course in Latin America.

1. Study Spanish in Panama – Spanish lessons in Bocas del Toro

Hammock, study book and a nice cocktail in your hand. Yes, this is student life! Besides your Spanish course, you will have plenty of time to sunbathe and enjoy the tropical vibes in Bocas del Toro. Life here is much slower than you are used to at home and the Spanish school in Bocas del Toro is a true paradise for your Spanish course.

The school has a beautiful large tropical garden with palm trees, fruit trees, tropical plants and lots of hammocks and deck chairs for you to study in. When you finish studying, you can start enjoying this spectacular Caribbean Island to the full. Picture crystal-clear water and white sandy beaches as a background. And besides your Spanish lessons, you have plenty of time for island hopping and all the fun activities like sunbathing, swimming, horse riding on the beach, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling and diving. You can even combine Spanish lessons with diving. Other things to do in Bocas del Toro or nearby are the bat cave, Dolphin Bay, sailing on a catamaran, zip lining, jungle adventure and parasailing. And definitely bring a visit to the magical tropical beaches like Playa Bluff and the Zapatilla islands. Oh, did we already mention the good nightlife? Of course, you can’t skip this one either!

You can combine this Spanish school in Panama very well with our school in the highlands of Panama. On our Traveling Classroom in Panama and Costa Rica.

2. Study Spanish in Costa Rica – Spanish lessons in Puerto Viejo

Of course, we cannot forget our Spanish school in Puerto Viejo on this list. Puerto Viejo has such a laidback vibe and the Spanish school in Puerto Viejo allows you to learn Spanish in a beautiful setting. When you are lucky you will even see a sloth hanging on the tree and after the classes, you can learn further in a hammock. The Spanish school is only 200 meters away from the beach and you can combine your Spanish lessons in Puerto Viejo with surfing, horse riding, yoga and other fun activities.

The great thing about this part of Costa Rica is that besides the beautiful beaches, there are also many national parks. For wildlife, you certainly don’t have to look far. In Cahuita National park, you can even see the wilderness of the jungle blend into the beautiful beaches. Also, in Puerto Viejo, you can do a nice bike ride along all the beautiful beaches on the route to Manzanillo, enjoy kayaking by playa Punta Uva, and learn all about chocolate at a sustainable cocoa farm. Something else you really shouldn’t skip is a visit to the Jaguar Rescue Centre. Bonus tip: It is even possible to volunteer here after taking your Spanish lessons in Puerto Viejo! And if you want to continue learning Spanish then we can recommend the Spanish school in Turrialba. It is one of our favourite places in Costa Rica, where you can learn Spanish with views over a volcano. You can follow our Traveling Classroom and visit both of the schools if you extend with lessons in Puerto Viejo.

3. Gap year program in Costa Rica – Spanish school Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is one of those places you will fall in love with. It has the most beautiful pristine sandy beaches and most travelers from all over the world come here to surf. It is in the top 10 best surf spots in the world.

Our Spanish school in Santa Teresa is a little bit different compared with our other schools listed in this blog. It is aimed purely at the younger student (age 18-23), those who are looking for a fun gap year experience with other like-minded students. You will stay in a stunning jungle camp where you are surrounded by jungle and many animals. What more do you wish as a setting for your Spanish course? Most students combine Spanish lessons in Santa Teresa with a Spanish and surfing program. Or they join a volunteer project that includes Spanish lessons, surfing, adventures and turtle conservation. In this Spanish immersion program, we always explore the impressive Monteverde National Park. Yes, learning Spanish certainly doesn’t have to be boring! You always have fun activities after your Spanish lessons and Santa Teresa is a top destination to combine beach with Spanish lessons.

4. Study Spanish in Colombia – Spanish lessons in Cartagena

Cartagena considered the most beautiful city in Colombia and a UNESCO World Heritage city is a wonderful place for learning Spanish with tropical vibes. The Spanish school in Cartagena is located close to the old and colorful centre, one of the most beautiful places in Latin America. At the Spanish school, you will not only learn the Spanish language but also get an insight into Colombian culture. After your Spanish lessons in Cartagena, you have the opportunity to do many activities or lie on the beach. For the best beaches, though, you will have to be around Cartagena. For example, you can go to Playa Blanca after your Spanish lessons or explore the Rosario Islands with its beautiful beaches during the weekend. You also have plenty of opportunities in Cartagena to do lots of water sports activities. You can do scuba diving in the coral reefs or you can even combine your Spanish course with kitesurfing. Cartagena is also the ideal base point, to travel further to other adventures on the Caribbean coast. The amazing Tayrona National Park should not be missed. But the charming little town in the hills of Minca or the beach destination Palomino is also among the favourites of travelers.

5. Study Spanish in Ecuador – Spanish lessons in MontaƱita

MontaƱita is the most popular surf spot in South America and the ultimate spot on the Ecuadorian coast. Are you looking for laid-back beach vibes where you will meet lots of other travelers? Then the Spanish school in MontaƱita is a good choice for you. The school is close to the beach and has spectacular cabanas with a swimming pool where you will stay during the length of your Spanish course. You will enjoy learning Spanish in a hammock and will make lots of new friends. Most students choose to combine their Spanish lessons with surfing. But there are also very nice opportunities for Spanish lessons with volunteer projects in MontaƱita. Also in our Traveling Classroom in Ecuador we visit this Spanish school!

Good to know! During your free time, you can do lots of other fun outdoor activities in MontaƱita and enjoy the beach to the fullest. You can see also lots of wildlife and in the season even humpback whales. Not far from MontaƱita, it is fun to go horseback riding to Playa Frailes, which many say is Ecuador’s most beautiful beach. And If you want to explore more of Ecuador, after your Spanish lessons in Ecuador you can also travel further to the Galapagos Islands or other cool destinations like BaƱos with its many waterfalls and hot springs. Apart from all the fun activities, the nightlife in MontaƱita is of the outer category. It is vibrant with a South American touch of course. Even in low season, there is always some party going on.


That’s it! Our top five best beach destinations to learn Spanish in Latin America. As you have read, there are many options. You could study Spanish in the morning and then enjoy the beautiful Latin American beaches afterwards. Or why don`t you combine your Spanish lessons with adventures like surfing and many other activities? We at Spanish Travel Classes, believe that Spanish doesn’t have to be boring. At school, you have sat in a dull classroom for long enough. That`s why we love our Spanish schools so much. In Latin America, you can take Spanish lessons overlooking the sea or learn in a hammock while soaking up the Caribbean atmosphere.

Do you need help and advice from one of our travel and language experts with choosing your desired Spanish course in Latin America? Then contact us today. We will be happy to help you and we can match you with a great language school in Latin America.

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